To celebrate the grand opening of the Richard C. Adkerson & Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Road To Tokyo: Pacific Theater Galleries, the LTJG Ralph E. Crump Merchant Marine Gallery, and the American Spirit Bridge, The National WWII Museum partnered with National History Day (NHD) to bring 58 middle and high school students to New Orleans to represent all 50 states and Washington, DC during the dedication ceremonies.

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As part of their participation within the dedication ceremonies, these students studied a veteran or service member from their home state or district whose oral history is contained within The National WWII Museum’s Digital Collections. These students then composed essays describing why these men and women were such outstanding examples of courage during World War II.

A Note About Student Ambassadors

Seven additional outstanding NHD students comprised the Museum's 2015 Student Ambassador Program, a yearlong initiative in which specially trained students collected oral histories from WWII veterans on behalf of the Museum. As part of the grand opening celebration, the Museum is showcasing some of the oral histories that these Ambassadors collected alongside the NHD students' essays.
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